Boron Separation Processes

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نام اصلی کتاب : Boron Separation Processes


نویسنده: Nalan Kabay, Marek Bryjak, Nidal Hilal

انتشارات: Elsevier

سال: ۲۰۱۵

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Chapter 1 – Boron in the Environment
Chapter 2 – The Chemistry of Boron in Water
Chapter 3 – Risk Assessment of Borates in Occupational Settings
Chapter 4 – Ion Exchange Borate Kinetics
Chapter 5 – Separation and Recovery of Boron From Various Resources Using Chelate Adsorbents
Chapter 6 – Adsorption of Boron by Minerals, Clays, and Soils
Chapter 7 – Iminobis-Alkylene Diol Function as Alternative Boron-Chelating Group: Its Incorporation into Various Polymer Topologies for Removal of Trace Boron Via Direct Sorption and Polymer-Enhanced Ultrafiltration
Chapter 8 – Boron Removal Using Membranes
Chapter 9 – Boron Removal From Seawater Using Reverse Osmosis Integrated Processes
Chapter 10 – Boron Removal From Water by Sorption–Membrane Filtration Hybrid Process
Chapter 11 – Boron Removal Using Ion Exchange Membranes
Chapter 12 – Boron Removal From Geothermal Water Using Membrane Processes
Chapter 13 – Basic Principles of Simulating Boron Removal in Reverse Osmosis Processes
Chapter 14 – Single SWRO Pass Boron Removal at High pH: Prospects and Challenges
Chapter 15 – Seawater Reverse Osmosis Permeate: Comparative Evaluation of Boron Removal Technologies
Chapter 16 – Hybrid Adsorption–Microfiltration Process with Plug Flow of Microparticulate Adsorbent for Boron Removal
Chapter 17 – Boron Uptake from Aqueous Solution by Chelating Adsorbents: A Statistical Experimental Design Approach

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